ORViN Rasta Boardshorts

The new ORViN clothing line has rasta boardshorts that aren’t just any old board shorts, these ones are 4 way stretch boardshorts that provide you with a larger range of motion. These are for the more active person that likes to surf, play beach volleyball, or do anything that requires movement while in a swim suit. So if you have ever wanted to buy a pair boarshorts that will move the way you move, you need to try out ORViN apparel. They don’t stop with boarshorts, they also make the softest t-shirts on planet earth. Whether you want retro boardshorts or soft shirts, they have you covered.

ORViN apparel also has the famous rasta hoodie known as a baja hoodie. They actually have all colors of the popular Mexican baja hoodie but the rasta baja hoodie is one of the most popular colors.

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